Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Starburst Period Undies
Red Rags

Starburst Period Undies

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Period Undies



Simply add your chosen absorbency and rise to cart and leave your chosen size and cut (or your measurements and we’ll custom make your size) in the notes section at checkout. alternatively you can email us at a later date at

Theres a handy size chart if you scroll through the photos, but don’t worry if your size falls outsize the chart. We can custom made the undies to your size!  


WOOHOOOO Period Undies are finally here! After 6+ months of development and over 20 testers we are finally ready to share them with you. 

Our much loved super comfy undies with a super absorbent cloth pad built in. Be sure to read the full description and Q&A to learn how truly fabulous they really are. 


Q: Is it just a standard Red Rags Pad sewn into undies?

A: Nope! The pad isn’t one of our usual shapes, it’s specifically designed to sit perfectly inside the undies. The backing of the sewn pad in is Windpro. Windpro is an incredibly thin and water proof fleece. We choose to use Windpro over the cheaper most common option of PUL (waterproof plastic) to prevent any ‘scrunching’ feelings and sounds PUL can sometimes cause. It also makes the pad / undies more breathable. 

Q: How do I know which pad width to choose? 

A: Standard width is ideal for those with a light - regular flow. It’s also fab for those who are petite framed or just prefer a pad 2.5 inches in width. Wide is a great option for those with a heavier flow or prefer a pad 3-4inches in width


Q: Will I have to change the whole pair of undies when they’re used? 

A: Yes, however a little trick for when you’re out and about is to wear a Red Rags Pad over the top, then when it’s time for a new pad you just remove the used pad, pop in a wetbag and use your clean period undies as protection.


Undie Credentials 



Boy Short 



Low Rise

Midi Rise 

High Rise

Sizes: EVERY SIZE! We don’t limit our size range. If your sizing falls outside the sizing chart we will make your undies to your measurements!

Pad Credentials


Undie Size XXS, XS & S  = 11.5inches 
Undie Size M-5XL = 15.5inches 



Cotton Lycra to match undies. Can be swapped to minky, squish or bamboo velour upon request 


Light - Regular = 1 layer of zorb 

Regular - Heavy = 1 layer of zorb and 1 layer of 340gsm hemp / cotton 

Heavy - Extra Heavy = 1 layer of zorb & 2 layers or 340gsm hemp / cotton 


Waterproof Windpro fleece 



Please note whilst every care is given to create products to the highest of standards, slight variations are to be expected due to their handmade nature. 


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