Breastpads - Super Absorbency Minky Topper
Red Rags

Breastpads - Super Absorbency Minky Topper

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Ready to Ship Red Rags Reusable Breastpads

Super Absorbent and Super Soft. The two most important things when it comes to breastpads!


Please allow 4 working days for your order to ship. If ordered alongside items with a longer turn around they will be shipped at the same time.


Topped with super soft fabric these really are a touch of luxury. The core on both the standard and super are incredibly absorbent (see below for more information). The fleece backer is water resistant helping to keep those pesky leaks at bay. The fleece also grips to your clothing preventing movement.


Super Breastpad Credentials

Topper: Minky

Core: Zorb3D with silvadust (the fastest absorbing fabric on the market! Zorb3D holds ten times its weight and is anti-bacterial) 

Backer: Anti-pill Polar Fleece 



Please note breastpads are sewn in house by us, not using an industrial embroidery machine. Each pad is unique and slight variations are to be expected, this includes pattern placement.

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