Choosing Your Perfect Red Rags Pad

When it comes to customising your Red Rags Pad it can all seem a little daunting. By following this guide customising your pads becomes a breeze. 

Step 1: Fabric 

Cotton Jersey

This is the most popular topping fabric for CSP. Its thin, breathable and comes in so many beautiful designs. The knit of the fabric allows liquid to pass freely. This fabric is made up of 95% cotton and 5% lycra. 

100% Cotton

If you're wanting a hard wearing CSP this is the fabric for you. It washes brilliantly and keeps the skin feeling cool in warmer months. It is however the slowest at absorbing, making it best suited to light or regular pads.

French Terry

French terry is very similar to cotton jersey, sharing all the same wonderful qualities. The main difference from cotton jersey being a looped back, making it a little thicker, hardly noticeable once sewn into a beautiful Red Rags Pad.

Bamboo Velour

Velour absorbs wonderfully quick, making it great at keeping the skin dry. It has a lovely silky texture, making it perfect for use with heavier periods especially postpartum. Unlike our other fabrics our velour is hand dyed by fellow WAHM's. Making every pad unique! 

Cotton Velour

Offers the same wonderful qualities as bamboo velour but with a more matt finish  


This is our fastest absorbing fabric. However unlike our other toppers minky is a synthetic material. It has a raised soft texture making it perfect for catching gushy flows. Another great topper for heavy & postpartum pads.

Double Brushed Polyester

Double brushed polyester is another synthetic fabric. It is soft and silky but can be a little warm in summer. 


Step 2: Shape 

We use a mixture of patterns by different designers, such as Versodile and Moonglow. This way we can offer something for everyone. Click here to see all shapes  


Available in 8-16 inches with a 2.5 inch snapped width. This is our original shape. It offers the largest flare. Perfect for those wanting all-over coverage with an average snapped width.


Available in 5-16 inches with a 2.5 inch snapped width. This shape offers a narrower flare. Often being compared in shape to your average disposable sanitary pad. This shape is the only one available in 5 inches.


Available in 6-18 inches with a 2.5 inch snapped width. This is our most recent release. It offers a lovely sized flare, bigger than Aura but smaller than Original. This is the perfect pad shape if you're new to cloth. 

Wide Moon

Available in 6-18 inches with a 3 inch snapped width. This pad offers maximum protection! The wider snapped width is perfect for those wanting full coverage. Ideal for heavy flows, use at night time or as a postpartum pad. 

Thong Liner

Measuring 7.5 inches in length this is the perfect pad to use when wearing a thong. If you prefer a little more protection simply choose a regular core. To keep the pad nice and slim we use 340gsm hemp/organic cotton fleece instead of zorb in all our regular thong pads.

Breast Pads

Our breast pads offer fantastic protection for milk leaks. With a 340gsm hemp/organic cotton core they are wonderfully absorbent. With the choice of two sizes (medium and large) all shapes and sizes can experience maximum comfort.


Step 3: Absorbency


With 1 layer of cotton flannel this pad is perfect for everyday use as a panty liner. It is also great for spotting at the start and end of your cycle. 


Consisting of 1 layer of cotton flannel and 1 layer of zorb or heavy bamboo fleece this pad is ideal for use with a moderate flow. It can also be used as a back up for small bladder leaks.


Made up of 1 layer of cotton flannel, zorb or heavy bamboo fleece and 340gsm hemp / organic cotton fleece. Heavy pads are great for those who need that little extra protection. They also make the perfect overnight pad.

Extra Heavy / Postpartum

This absorbency offers maximum protection, perfect for postpartum or those with a very heavy flow. Its core is made up of 1 layer cotton flannel and zorb or heavy bamboo fleece, plus 2 layers of 340gsm hemp / organic cotton fleece. 


Step 4: Length 

If you're new to CSP and currently using disposables the best place to start is by measuring your current pads.

If you don't use disposable pads or you're unable to measure them our starter bundles offer a great variety.

On average most panty liners are between 6-8 inches. Regular absorbency pads between 9-10 inches and night time / ultra pads 12 - 13 inches.