Cores - Ready to Ship Pads

Cores - Ready to Ship Pads

Red Rags Ready to Ship Pads may contain different core fabrics. This enables us to use up spare fabrics we've accumulated during testing.

All the cores will be just as absorbent as our standard pads (if anything they may be more absorbent).

All listings will clearly state if a different core has been used. Below is a breakdown of the fabrics we may use and how they compare to a standard Red Rags Pad made using Zorb 1.

Zorb 2 diamond & dimples - Zorb 2 offers the same brilliant absorbency as our standard Zorb 1 but it is slightly slimmer. This creates a more flexible, floppy pad. Unlike Zorb 1 it is textured. Click here to see the texture.

Zorb 3D Cotton - Zorb 3D Cotton is even more absorbent than Zorb 1 or 2. It's slimmer than Zorb 1 but firmer than Zorb 2, making for a more structured slimmer pad. Zorb 3D is dimple textured, click here to see.

If you have any questions about our cores, please don't hesitate to email us at