Interlabial Pads
Interlabial Pads
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Interlabial Pads

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Interlabial Pads 

Please note fabric designs will vary from those pictures. 

These petal shaped pads have many uses! 

  • Place in between your labia to help direct your menstrual flow, perfect for those who bleed over the edge of pads. 
  • They can also help keep you feeling dry, especially if you have a heavy gushy flow that can flood a pad quickly. 
  • Perfect for catching any bladder leaks. 
  • They can also be placed under your bust to help prevent sweat rash. 

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Interlabial pads comprise of one layer of cotton jersey backed with either cotton flannel or hemp / bamboo. 

Cotton Flannel is the perfect backing for those who want a slim pad and don’t require much absorbency, for example when using to direct your menstrual flow.

Bamboo or Hemp backed interlabial pads are more absorbent but also a little thicker. Ideal for those who have a heavier flow.


Length: approx 4inches 

Width: approx 2inches


Due to their handmade nature slight variations in size and stitching is to be expected. There may also be traces of washable non-toxic fabric marker on the pads, this will wash out during their pre-wash.


SECONDS - These will have noticeable imperfections. This will vary between wonky stitching, excess non toxic fabric marker visible or misshapen.  

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